Our Social Services Deparment

Leeway’s mission to help individuals living with HIV/AIDS revive, reclaim, and renew their lives is supported by a strong Social Services department. Case workers at Leeway link our residents and supportive housing tenants with agencies and programs that meet their physchosocial needs, as well as assist our residents and alumni in becoming strong advocates for HIV/AIDS policy and practice development. As part of the care team at Leeway, the Social Services department contributes another significant component of the programs to enhance life skills and improve the quality of life for our residents and alumni. Some of the activities in the Social Services department include:

Assistance with Entitlements

Leeway works individually with residents to assist with items such as application for State Supplemental Income and Social Security Disability, redetermination for Medicaid and education and referral of community based entitlements upon discharge.


Leeway’s trained and certified social workers work with residents in experiential group settings to provide psycho-educational programs that are enhanced by the activities of the Therapeutic Recreation department, grief/loss support, activities of daily living, communication sills, budgeting and related life skills, relapse prevention, addiction education, and community resource education.

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