Leeway’s Permanent Supportive Housing

In Connecticut, Supportive Housing has proven to be a cost-effective model in reducing homelessness among those individuals that suffer from a mental illness or substance use disorder. Supportive Housing combines affordable housing, most often through a rental subsidy, with intensive yet flexible support services. These services focus on housing-based case management, or assisting the tenant reintegrate into the community by teaching him/her the basic skills of tenancy. Supportive Housing has also proven to reduce higher cost institutional services, such as homeless shelters, inpatient psychiatric and physical hospitalizations, as well as readmission into the criminal justice system. (https://www.ct.gov/dmhas/cwp/view.asp?a=2901&q=493390)

Since Leeway’s founding, the question we continually ask ourselves is, “How do we best meet the needs of the populations we serve?” It’s the very question that brought Leeway into existence from an idea of Catherine Kennedy. As the HIV/AIDS epidemic continued to evolve, so, too, have the needs of Persons Living with AIDS (PLWA). By creating community housing and support services, we hope to see less “cycling through” of PLWA who are medically frail and prone to repeated bouts of illness.

Leeway PILOTS – Scattered Sites
5 Units (4 single & 1 family)

As a result, in 2005 Leeway extended its role within the continuum of AIDS care to include housing and housing-related supportive programming and support services. Leeway began its community living initiatives with a 5-unit scattered site housing development undertaken with the Corporation for Independent Living (CIL), a non-profit housing development partner. This project, Leeway PILOTS Scattered Sites, houses 4 individuals and 1 family, offers intensive case management services funded by DMHAS, and served as the basis for more comprehensive supportive housing efforts.

Canterbury Gardens – NeighborWorks New Horizons – Owner
9 Units (7 single & 2 families)

In 2009, Leeway partnered with NeighborWorks/New Horizons (formerly Mutual Housing Corporation) to rehabilitate 34 Garden apartment units in New Haven. Nine of those units (7 individuals and 2 families) were dedicated for supportive housing with intensive case management services on site funded by DMHAS.

Leeway – Putnam
17 Units (All single units) – 13 adults & 4 youth aging out )

In 2010, Leeway expanded its supportive housing programs to include Leeway-Putnam, adding an additional 17 units (13 individuals and 4 youth aging out of foster care) with onsite intensive case management and employment services in Hamden funded by DMHAS.

Leeway – Welton
10 Units (All single units) – HUD 811

In 2013, Leeway-Welton, a HUD 811 project, opened its doors to house 10 individuals with HIV/AIDS through a HUD waiver. Five of the units at Leeway-Welton are for homeless individuals with HIV/AIDS who receive onsite intensive case management services funded by DMHAS.

Leeway currently has 41 units of supportive housing in the Greater New Haven area and has been providing successful case management services to persons living with HIV/AIDS, substance use disorders and mental health diagnoses for over 14 years. Leeway’s housing case management is funded by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services who provides ongoing training for all staff.

All referrals for vacancies in permanent supportive housing must go through the Greater New Haven Coordinated Access Network (CAN) Please call 211 for a CAN intake referral.

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