Dietary Treatments & Services

Leeway boasts an extraordinary Dietary team. With an in-house chef at the helm of the Dietary department and regular visits from registered dieticians, the attainment of nutritional goals and the focus on wellness of our residents is unparalleled. All meals are prepared on-site in Leeway’s kitchen. Great care is taken to custom-tailor a nutrition plan for each resident based on his or her specific needs, conditions, preferences, and cultural traditions.

In addition to providing delicious and healthy meals for our residents, the Dietary staff also presents an educational program focused on nutrition. The goal of the program is to prepare residents for their return to independent living. Residents will be able to make better nutritional choices living on their own, as well as learn how to stay within a limited budget and still consume a healthy diet. Working closely with the Therapeutic Recreation department, the Dietary staff also helps facilitate hands on cooking experiences. As each resident moves toward supportive housing and independent living, it is critical that the Leeway staff help to prepare every individual so that they will find success in their new life outside of Leeway.

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