Catherine Kennedy Founder of Leeway Inc Nursing Home for those with HIV/AIDS dream continues. In 1995 18 years ago the AIDS/HIV epidemic was devastating in the United States. It was a time of uncertainty filled with bureaucracy. Catherine Kennedy at that time was living in New Haven Connecticut and saw the suffering of those who were dying from AIDS. There were no treatments and Catherine wanted a place that would be “A Shelter in the Storm” hence the name Leeway for all with this killer disease.

It is now 2013 18 years later. Catherine is not with us but her legacy is alive and well. Science has developed medications that are now able to converse the diagnosis from terminal to chronic for many of our residents. Leeway used to be a hospice but now it a place to come for treatment and go back to living.

Leeway staff is dedicated to continuing to care for all our residents. These are some of the happening at Leeway.

Leeway’s Board of Directors approved the following:

  • Information Technology upgrades. Point Click Care Computer Systems to go Live 2013
  • Information Technology access to Yale EPIC system Live 2013
  • Leeway is pre-approved to expand and add (RCH) Residential Care Beds in 2014
  • Leeway expanded its case management housing services from 33 units to 41 units 2013
  • Leeway is adapting Culture Change as part of the Leading Age Nursing Home Association 2014
  • Leeway upgraded the Physical structure of the facility inside and outside 2012
  • Leeway has upgraded all furnishing in resident rooms 2012
  • Leeway will be implementing a wellness program for staff 2013
  • Leeway continues to be State Accredited. Last survey November 2013(Surveys are annual)
  • Leeway has updated the Leeway Website for 2013