Educational Training

Leeway is a learning organization; continually evolving as HIV/AIDS continues to change the needs and situations of those living with the disease. Come learn with us! Getting hands-on experience at Leeway will prepare you for a career in healthcare and the non-profit community. Advance your training and get ahead of your classmates with an educational residency at Leeway. Current opportunities exist in the following departments:

Social Services

You will gain experience through field experience in casework, community organizing/policy and administration. We welcome first year students or students in advanced standing. For individuals interested in medical Social Work, Leeway is an extraordinary opportunity. You will gain experience in individual and group therapy, psychosocial evaluations, substance abuse therapy, mental health, entitlements, advocacy, housing, and much more! Contact the Director of Community Relations

Employment Opportunities

Over 80 employees comprise the medical, operations, and administrative team at Leeway. Many of our staff members have been with the organization since before it even opened its doors; working with our founder, Catherine Kennedy, to design and build what has become the region’s leader in AIDS care.

Candidates for employment in our Patient Services or Nursing department should exhibit a commitment to AIDS care, experience in caring for people with HIV/AIDS, mental health and substance abuse problems, bilingual (Spanish/English) is a plus, IV certification, and CAPD certification.

If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding career in healthcare, contact us about one of our available positions.

Leeway Speakers Program

Leeway is engaged in community outreach through a Speaker’s program available to schools, organizations, and community groups to build advocacy, awareness, and prevention in the community. Leeway has created a team of individuals living with HIV/AIDS who give testimony to their experiences. The program is enhanced with expert discussion from a Leeway staff member to dovetail the stories of the Speakers, and informational materials may be available as resources for participants.

People living with HIV/AIDS who speak openly about their status challenge myths and misconceptions and this makes others examine their risks. People living with HIV/AIDS also bring a unique perspective of their experiences and can perform valuable functions as AIDS educators.

For information about bringing the Leeway Speaker’s Program to your organization, business, or school, please contact the Social Services department.

This valuable program is supported by contributions to Leeway. Help us continue to build awareness in the community and prevent future infections of HIV. Donate to Leeway.